Monday, March 28, 2011

Material Girl Exhibition 2011

Plese click the following link for the media release detailing the exhibition and the prize winners.

Media Release

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Teers

Contemporary art work by Mairi Ward, part of 10 Days on the Island 'In Teers'  exhibition is open until 3rd. April at Ivy Lawn Greens Beach. It is  a perfect place to take friends for a picnic.
Photographs by Robyn Barnet.
(click to view larger picture)

Box Kite News

This is the work of Linda Riseley titled Extreme Victory displayed in a light box photographed by the artist  Robyn.

EXTREME VICTORY, by Linda Riseley, is part of TRA Material Girl Exhibition 2011, and has also been selected for Brunswick St. Gallery Melbourne, the work can be seen in ' The Australia Art Collector ' and is illustrated on page 252 of the magazine.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Box Kite News

Tasmanian Regional Arts has announced the artworks to be exhibited in  MATERIAL GIRL 2011.  
WTAG are happy to announce that Clare Genders work "SPRING BALL” has been accepted, her sculpture from recycled old wood, an old truck spring and old art books is part of 2011 Material Girl Exhibition.
Photograph supplied by Clare Genders 
Wendy Thiele (ex WTAG not Rubicon Regional Arts member) and Anne Young entered a collaborative work in Material Girl 2011,  titled KEEPING ABREAST, unfortunately their work was not chosen for this year’s exhibition, Anne commented 'The fun was in the collaborative journey.'
Congratulations to each of the four artists,  WTAG members have taken up the challenge and left their mark on Tasmania's art community in 2011.
Great work.

Tasmanian Regional Arts Newsletter

This is a link to the Tasmanian Regional Arts newsletter sign up page.

The newsletter is for email - so you will need to signup to recieve this very useful newsletter covering many of the upcoming events in Tasmanian Regional Arts .
Art From Trash

Art From Trash is coming around a little earlier this year, with a booking in May. This has allowed us to have the gallery for longer, so this year we will have all your amazing work on display for two full weeks, including three full weekends.
To maximize our time in the gallery we will have the usual tight deadlines for drop-off/set-up/pick-up!
There are a few changes this year. To help cover our costs the entry fee this year has been raised to $20.
A size limit has been introduced of 2 metres in any direction. This is to help keep the exhibition open to everyone who enters, maximizing the number of individual artists in the exhibition.
For the same reason we may have to limit the number of entries per person this year. Last year we had 136 entries, and I am thinking once we get to about 150 we will be pushing the limits of the gallery space. This may not happen, it all depends on how many enter this year.
So, if you would like to enter multiple works you still can, but just remember we may have to limit the number. There is plenty of time from the entry deadline until the drop-off day to sort this out.
Entry forms will also be in Resource Collectables and Tip Shop early next week, and posters will be going up soon, too. If you know anyone that is interested please ask them to email me so I can add them to our contact list.
Happy art making!
Andy Vagg
Education Officer
Resource Work Cooperative
a not-for-profit social enterprise
t 03 6234 3772  m 0409 595 795
p GPO Box 1092 Hobart TAS 7001