Artentwine: Threads of the West Tamar Valley

Unwind in the West Tamar Landscape, its People and their Stories this October.
Saturday October 6th to Sunday October 28th 2012

Artentwine celebrates the arts and culture of the West Tamar valley and builds on established partnerships that have been developed between West Tamar Arts Group (WTAG), local businesses, artists and the community during the last two years.

Artentwine is a series of arts event held during the month of October in the vineyards, gardens and community halls of the West Tamar. This will provide the opportunity for residents and visitors alike to experience the natural beauty of the West Tamar valley through art created and inspired by the landscape and the culture of this region.

It will allow our community to celebrate the culture and identity of the municipality, and engage local businesses with the community in a partnership to create a unique program of arts events. Artentwine will include sculpture, performance, music, and artworks by local artists, through a wide range of mediums. And will offer audiences various opportunities to enjoy the arts, through workshops, our community halls, private gardens, and local wineries.