Monday, October 3, 2011

Mapping the Island

This is the media Release for Mapping the Island

West Tamar Arts Group in partnership with
Tasmania Regional Arts and Moores Hill Estate Winery present:

Tasmania 1:100,000 Mapping the Island
Dates: 9th October to 30th October
Hrs: 10.00 am – 5.00pm Daily
At: Moores Hill Estate Winery
3343 West Tamar Highway

Following rave reviews and enthusiastic public attendance during 10 Days on the Island in 2009, it is now touring Tasmanian communities through Tasmania Regional Arts Touring and Access program.

Curators Penny Carey-Wells and Diane Perndt selected national and international artists, including poets, chefs, wine makers, dancers, musicians, papermakers, printmakers and mixed media visual artists, who received a section taken from a topographical map of Tasmania. They were asked to create a two-dimensional paper based response measuring 29 x 29 cm square. Over 140 extraordinary works were received - each piece telling its own story from the deeply personal, to the wonderfully witty and the aesthetically masterful.

From the original exhibition the curators have selected nearly of half the works for further touring. Most of these are now housed in individual perspex display boxes suitable for a multitude of venues. The tour begins in Burnie Regional Art Gallery opening on 28 January 2011 after which it will travel to other Tasmania regional centres. 

Look closely - enjoy the humour, find the bizarre, search for the wayward and discover the wonderful in this fascinating exploration and interpretation of our island.