Saturday, September 17, 2011


"The night was an exciting mix of rhythm, movement and interactivity. The performers graced the stage with their presence and engaged the audiences with their contemporary dance moves and beat making techniques. They used unorthadox methods to create their beat such as flippers and thongs, and taught a few young members of the audiences to beatbox. Overall it was an inspirational experience reminding me of the magic of dance."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Updated Application Forms and Moores Hill information

The following forms have been updated for your use;

Dear Member,

We wish to let you know about an exciting opportunity that has come up for all WTAG members. Members are invited to exhibit their work either as a solo or as a group at the Moores Hill Cellar Door Art Space. The period of time available would be 28 days including setting up and taking down. These periods will run monthly, starting  November 4th, to Dec 1st, 2011. The cost would be 10% on every sale which would go to Moores Hill and an administrative charge to wtag of $20. There would be certain conditions regarding your responsibilities. This will be outlined to you in a contract which you will sign before commencement of your exhibition.  You will also receive an accompanying letter, regarding housekeeping procedure at Moores Hill.

If you are interested in holding one of the spaces would you please fill out the following form and send it to wtag by  September 30th 2011              .

Your returned form will be placed in a draw for allocation of the date of your exhibition. If you do not succeed this year your name will automatically be allocated in the 2012 spaces.

You will be notified of the dates you have drawn, at the AGM on the 30th October 2011 and also thereafter by email or post.