Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ingrid Olsen Exhibition

Since posting a couple of time late last year, I've had trouble getting anything to post here - apologies to all for that - some kind of blogger glitch. The problem appears to have resolved itself *happy dance and fingers crossed!*
So a belated happy 2014 to everyone involved with the Arts on the West Tamar.........quite a lot has happened and I will try to add some of the important happenings as I hear about them. I'll be making some kind of entry once a week at least.......so send me anything at all (especially images) that would be of interest. (sue@orielstudio.com.au)

Sam Sampson has sent me a snippet about an upcoming exhibition at Moore's Hill Winery for the month of March........paintings by Ingrid Olsen. Hopefully I will have some images to post to whet your appetites for this exhibition.
Meanwhile here are a few pictures from Badger Head - one of the West Tamar's secret beauty spots and well worth a visit!
Susie McMahon

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